Two Essential Maintenance Tasks That Keep Your Parking Lot In Good Shape

Posted on: 28 June 2017

If you own your office building and parking lot, you have a lot of maintenance responsibilities to keep up with. The parking lot will deteriorate over time if you don't have it tended to regularly. A neglected parking lot leaves a bad impression with customers, so keeping it in good shape is important. Here are two essential maintenance tasks for keeping an asphalt parking lot in good repair:

Fill Cracks Regularly

Cracks are a fact of life with an asphalt parking lot, due to the heavy traffic it gets daily along with weather, exposure, and age. However, your lot can still have a long life if you fill the cracks on a regular basis. Hire a paving company to do this job when the cracks are still small. When cracks aren't tended to, they get bigger over time.

As rain fills the cracks, they expand into potholes. Rain can even leak into the soil under the asphalt and lead to shifting and sinking of the lot. You can avoid major problems by repairing cracks on a regular basis before they get too big. A contractor does this using equipment that cleans out the cracks and then repairs them with asphalt filler.

Apply Sealcoating Periodically

Sealcoating doesn't repair your parking lot, but it protects it and keeps it looking fresh. A new coat should be applied every few years. Your contractor will suggest a schedule based on the amount of traffic on the lot. A good time to do it is after crack repairs have been made and the filler has cured. Filling cracks are important and necessary, but the filler used is a different color than the asphalt lot, so the repairs are visible.

A sealcoat covers the repair work so the parking lot has a dark, uniform color. Before sealcoating is applied, the lot has to be cleared of dust, gravel, and other debris. If any cracks or potholes are found, those must be repaired first so they don't show through the sealcoat. The sealcoating is then applied to your parking lot like a coat of paint that acts as a barrier against rain and UV damage.

The coating makes your lot look like new. If you have parking lines on your lot, the contractor will put new lines down too. The lot may need to be closed for a day or two while the new coating dries. If you have a large lot, the contractor may do parts of it at a time so the lot can still be used.

By filling cracks and applying a sealcoat, your parking lot will stay attractive and well-maintained for years to come. A properly-maintained lot says better things about your business than a lot filled with potholes, weeds, and cracks that you've neglected.

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